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My third show of the summer, and the second one worth watching: Godspell!
Godspell is a musical based on the gospel of Matthew and contains everything from comedy to tragedy. It takes place a few years in the future during the second coming of Christ.
People from Gwinn who are involved with the show are me (Emily Strazzinski), Lance Larson, Molly Mitchell, Dale Weingartner, Ethan Andy Debelak, Kathy Strazzinski, and Keith Maki.
The show dates are August 5 (yesterday) through August 7 and August 11-14. All shows are at 7:30 at the Vista Theatre in Negaunee. Tickets are $6 for high schoolers and younger and $9 for adults. There is a heck of a lot of talent in this show-You should really come see it!!!!!! :-D

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